Unruly Infolding: Reconsidering Naturecultures

July 1-7, 2018
Miguasha National Park – Gaspé Peninsula, QC

What is artificiality if not an incredible authenticity?

Science is the ‘symbiotic agreement’ that we cannot know until the event takes place—and even then this agreement is not contractual since it is always already in transition and transduction. From the multivariate projection points of our historical present it is now certain that the divisions of artifice were always porous, transitional, interrelated and bleeding.

The growth of new naturecultures is a trans-movement, capable of moving in many different directions, adaptable but contingent, and material in all ways. Scientific copoiesis becomes a potential for the virtual creation of trans-subjectivities, not a transposition of the already-formed.

This occurrence of MLS seeks to query immanent science and forest mathematics; to revisit unfaithful affinities between the goddess, the cyborg, and their friends; to decolonize ephemeral settler perspectives; and to make alliances with our terratological monsters.

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Please note that for this MLS field school we particularly welcome creative project proposals that in some way interface and interfere with, leverage and learn from, or complement and critique ideas concerning science, math and/or deep time as research-creation practice.

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Also note that for this MLS field school we will be partnering with ‘In the Name of Wild’, a SSHRC-funded transmedia-ethnographic research project that explores cross-cultural meanings of wildness and the consequences of naming landscapes natural, wild, or pristine. Between 2014-2020 Royal Roads researchers Dr. Phillip Vannini and Dr. April Vannini will be travelling to 24 UNESCO World Heritage Natural Sites across six continents to explore how wild natures are made, protected, and experienced. facebook.com/inthenameofwild

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Gad Fleischwitz and Jaqui Barn, Timepiece, 2011