Reanimation and Unsettling:  Politics of Exhaustion

August 12-18, 2018
‘Urania*** / road trip via Saskatoon, SK
$795 (includes $100 transportation fee)

What is history if not an unbearable half-life?

Pulling futures forward, we dwell in the energetics of the half: half-way, half-thought, or the half-life of political disaster. Radiating futures means entering the half-life of our collective history. This might be exhaustion.

Exhaustion is what the land speaks, if only one would listen openly.

What are the coordinates of care for the coming planetary burnout and post-anthropocene landscape? Is there even a ‘post’ to the anthropocene landscape? Can we erase impressions from a tonal field? Much like attempts to post-humanism the question remains: how might we be anything else?

Affective forces coalesce in movement-making: this MLS offering is a making of movements, a co-compositional engagement across deep planetary timespace. We will collectively work with moments as the outcroppings of history: inauthenticity, decomposition, joy, autoimmunity, conviviality and the commons.

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*** – Please note that earlier iterations of the web site and other promotional material indicated this MLS field school would take place in Uranium City, SK. Due to concerns with logistics, expense and safety, this is no longer the case. Instead, the event will consist of a programmed road trip called JOURNEY TO ‘URANIA, a fabulated simulation of Uranium City which travels as scifi transversals across timespaces of Saskatoon and rural Saskatchewan.

We will depart Saskatoon and travel approximately every other day while camping every evening, with the road trip forming a mobile narrative-in-progress concerning the thematics elaborated above.

Due to the road trip orientation of this MLS field school we particularly welcome creative project proposals that are mobile, flexible, compact, fit into moments of available time, explore temporality as much as space and place, enjoy a resonance with science fictioning, and/or engage journey rhythms as a compositional or choreographic practice.

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