2017-18 Programme

Our initial programme of events for the 2017-18 season is titled Passages: Beyond Futuring. These are independent, standalone events oriented around a concern for the pressing ecological challenges of our time. The emphasis on ‘passages’ is to suggest not only our transitory and ephemeral nature as visitors to each space and place of a residency, but that the empty promises of ‘a beyond’ from which we derive ‘new futures’ are no longer sufficient: interdisciplinary passages to new aesthetics, new philosophies, new potentials for movement are already happening.

The four themes of the individual events aim to serve as attractors for groups of variously talented and creative people to generate new techniques and possibilities in a co-poietic fashion. These are:

1. The City in Reverse: Diagramming Intelligent Systems (July 2-8, 2017, Sherbrooke, NS)
2. Wander Lines: Mythodological Escapism (August 13-19, 2017, Saysutshun – Newcastle Island, BC)
3. Unruly Infolding: Reconsidering Naturecultures (July 1-7, 2018, Miguasha National Park – Gaspé Peninsula, QC)
4. Reanimation and Unsettling: Politics of Exhaustion (August 12-18, 2018, ‘Urania / road trip via Saskatoon, SK)